PRIMER: How to prepare for a world tour

h3>Keith Richards knows where it all starts, much like his bandmates.  For the Stones, in the beginning — small venues are where it all began.  No “Green Rooms”,  list of required needs (technical and backstage riders), no catered meals, or even a road crew.   In 1963 as the Stones started to roll,  there weren’t sold out shows,  screaming fans, and commotion outside the venue,  quite the opposite.  Half-empty halls show after show, sometimes 2 shows a day–travelling in a station wagon!  Any kind of publicity for the gig meant hitting the streets with flyers, local radio in England, (most of it was a national platform, either BBC 1 or 2) was non-existient.

The Stones started there and began touring with the likes of Ike and Tina Turner and many US R & B and blues bands.  By 1964 they were releasing blues covers and gaining a following, and, YOU know the rest of the story.

Fast-forward to the 80’s before the “Some Girls” tour.  The band rolled in (pun intended) to a small 400 capacity venue called “The Bottom Line”.  The Bottom Line was a music venue at 15 West 4th Street between Mercer Street and Greene Street in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. During the 1970s and 1980s the club was a major space for small-scale popular music performances.

Tonight on the Stones Zone blog is a short interview at the start of the “Bigger Bang” Tour in 2005.  Keith talks about how most of their major world tours tours start in small venues like  “The Bottom Line in NYC and “The Phoenix” in Toronto. Keith gives the “WHY” it’s a “best practice” for the band.  ON THE AIR,  tonight I’ll feature a rare cut as the Stones re-create a Bob Marley Classic from the small venue start of that 2005 tour!  Enjoy the video!

Thanks to the Rolling Stones Authorised and archive sites for their assistance!