July in Led Zeppelin History!

July 1969 – The band play many festivals now on their third American tour
July 1970 – Additional recording for Led Zeppelin III at London’s Island Studios
July 1970 – Photographer Chris Welch films Led Zeppelin on his 8mm camera, some clips later used in the Whole Lotta Love promo video
July 1971 – Untitled gets re-mixed in London
July 1971 – A riot erupts mid-concert, forcing Led Zeppelin to stop after about 40 minutes
July 1972 – After repeated bad press, Led Zeppelin hire their first publicity firm
July 1973 – A last minute decision is made to film the remaining part of the tour
July 1973 – Led Zeppelin is filmed over the three nights for their film that will emerge as TheSong Remains The Same
July 1974 – After viewing their 1973 filmed performance, it is apparent critical errors were made
July 1974 – Mixing for Physical Graffiti at Olympic Studios
July 1975 – The band meet in Montreux to discuss adding South America and Japan to theend of their North American tour
July 1976 – Bonham and Page fly to Montreux, Switzerland to check out some new sound and drum effects
July 1977 – The last ever performance of Moby Dick played at the Seattle Kingdome
July 1977 – The band plays its last US date at the Oakland Coliseum
July 1978 – Led Zeppelin are invited to perform at Maggie Bell’s Festival Hall show
July 1979 – Led Zeppelin film their rehearsal at Bray Studios
July 1979 – Led Zeppelin confirm a second date at Knebworth in August 1979
July 1980 – Simon Kirke joins in on drums for an encore in Munich