Rock The Jobsite!


Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or breakfast)???  We’ll be making deliveries starting back the week of January 4th..

Well…..THERE Is!!!!

Classic Rock 92 One and Clark’s Pump ‘N Shop wanna “ROCK YOUR JOBSITE”

Classic Rock 92 One Workforce, sign up your office today and fill out the form. Each Monday at 9:15am well pick one entrant to win LUNCH to feed you and 14 of your co-workers.  We’ll bring breakfast or Lunch for 15!!!  Breakfast’s will be in the last week of each month.  Deliveries will be made on Wednesday..

ROCK THE JOBSITE, where there is such a thing as a free lunch (or BREAKFAST!!)  We’re the station that feeds you not just a great meal, but the greatest music ever made, too! Classic Rock 92 One!

For Clark’s Pump ‘N Shop locations, Click HERE!


1) 18 or older, please.

2) Completely fill out the form.

3) Winner will be selected on Monday’s at 9:15am

4) Lunch (or breakfast) is for up to 15 people.  To assure that your food is delivered hot & fresh to you,  we will only deliver within a 30 mile radius of Downtown Lexington,  Breakfast is also for 15 people.  The first 3 weeks of the month are lunch deliveries and the last week of every month is a breakfast delivery..

5) One winner per business, per person.

6) No cash value.

7) Entries may be used to e-mail coupons and special offers to the entrant.

8) For our complete contest rules click HERE!