The 3 Minute Promise


First, you told us to play more Classic Rock, because that’s why you listen to Classic Rock 92 One.  We take pride in being the destination to fill Lexington’s craving for Classic Rock.

You also told us that there are too many commercials on the radio, and the commercial breaks take too long. We heard you, and we’ve done something about it. Starting now, we will take half of our commercials off the air, and we’ll never play more than 3 minutes of commercials at a time. We call it the 3 Minute Promise – we promise to get you back to the music faster and play more music every hour.

The 3 Minute Promise is a bold, unconventional and groundbreaking way to present radio and Classic Rock 921 leads the charge in giving you more music every hour.

Your direction brought us to this to this exciting point, and we welcome your continued feedback. Feel free to reach out —

We made the 3 Minute Promise and we’ll keep it.

Thanks for listening!

Max Corona

Brand Manager, Classic Rock 92 One!