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Whole Lotta Zeppelin (4) #CR921WLZ

Led Zeppelin 4:  By Max Corona This week (11/8/71 to be precise) marks the 46th anniversary of the landmark LP Led Zeppelin 4! Deep Purple referred to the “Rolling Stones Mobile Truck” in one the their famous

5 Things You Need To Know

By: Max Corona: Bob Dylan covers “Learning To Fly” to honor his fellow “Wilbury”: 2. Bob Seger is on the mend!  Here’s the original version of “Turn The Page” from 1972! 3. Steven Tyler is doing well!

New LIVE Stones Material and News

#CR921StonesZone It was just announced on Friday that the Stones have released a new set “Sticky Fingers-LIVE!” recorded at the Fonda Theatre in L.A. (Sorry, not the Lexington Area-LOL).  Here’s a sample from the show! Want to