Mugshots In May!

Take a picture and send us your mugshot a pic of you in your COVID mask (or, unless you already have a mug shot)!

We’ll post your pic in our mugshot gallery, and every weekday day in May we’ll draw a winner and you’ll score one of our EXCLUSIVE Classic Rock 92.1 Mugs and a first pressing of our COVID masks.  THEN,  you could become one of our 92 Most Wanted!

It’s our last couple of days in May!!  Don’t miss out!


  2. Fill out the form accurately and completely.
  3. The submitted picture must be owned by you.  By submitting your photo you:  A) Must have 100% ownership of the picture and was not taken by a paid-professional who could lay claim to the photograph,  B) Allow us to use it for promotional purposes and C) Waiving LM Communications and WBVX-Classic Rock 92 One for any liabilities in it’s use.
  4. Photos can be NO LARGER than 600M
  5. You agree to the Specific and General Contest Rules.

Our General Contest Rules live HERE!

Mugshots in May

Mugshots In May