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“Theme Park Thursday” AC-DCember 2, 2021

“Give, Gimme, Giving” was today’s theme (had to be in title or Lyric)…!

All this month, listen for 2 fers from AC/DC with deep, live and LP cuts you havent heard from in a while!

Heather wins in Game ON! Thanks to the Red Mile!
Daniel and his team in Advance Auto in Nichvegas!. They get their Jobsite ROCKED! Thanks to Clark’s Pump N’ Shop…

Game On!

Q: The single “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” actually started out as an ad jingle for what brand?

A: Coca-Cola


SANTANA: Sidelined By Heart Condition

Carlos Santana, after canceling the first show of his Greatest Hits Live residency Thursday at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, has pulled the plug on all eight shows for the month due to a medical procedure.

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett will take his Genesis Revisited: Seconds Out + More tour to the U.S. from April 2nd in Boston through May 19th in Seattle. It features the 1977 Genesis live album Seconds Out in its entirety plus more Genesis songs, as well as some from his latest album, Surrender of Silence.

BEATLES: Almost Got Mickeyed By the Mouse

Getting The Beatles’ three-part documentary Get Back on Disney Plus wasn’t entirely magical.

Director Peter Jackson tells NME that execs wanted to remove all explicit language and scenes of the Fab Four smoking cigarettes. “Disney wanted to remove all the swearing and Ringo, Paul, and Olivia [Harrison] said, ‘That’s how we spoke. That’s how we talked. That’s how we want the world to see us.’”

Jackson adds that McCartney “describes it as being very raw. He said to me: ‘That is a very accurate portrayal of how we were then.’ Ringo said: ‘It’s truthful.’ The truthfulness of it is important to them. They don’t want a whitewash…

The three-part doc, which premiered last week, includes a disclaimer at the top of each episode that says, “This footage contains explicit language, mature themes and smoking.”

Something Jackson took away from the film was the lack of support for McCartney and his idea for the band to get back to basics. Allen Klein was not in place as their manager at the time, leaving them without one since the death of Brian Epstein in 1967.



Cats play Southern University December 7th at Rupp
UK Ladies took it to West Virginia University 80-73
EKU Men’s Basketball head to Western on Saturday..

COWBOYS AND SAINTS ON Thursday Night Football..



Oklahoma State-Baylor

Major League Baseball plunged into its first work stoppage in a quarter-century when the sport’s collective bargaining agreement expired Wednesday night and owners immediately locked out players in a move that threatens spring training and opening day.

The strategy, management’s equivalent of a strike under federal labor law, ended the sport’s labor peace after 9,740 days over 26 1/2 years.


Some number-crunchers at the betting website analyzed tweets from across the country and figured out that fans of the Cincinnati Bengals complain about referees more than any other fans in the NFL. By a lot. Other whiners and complainers in the top five — in order — are fans of the Saints, Packers, Vikings and Cowboys. Congrats to fans of the Jaguars, Falcons and Buccaneers, who complain the least about the refs.


A Louisiana man really rattled the nerves of his next-door neighbor by creeping into her home in the middle of the night — then telling cops that “a big snake” said he was welcome to go inside.

Jessie Terry awakened the victim by trying to jostle open the back door to her apartment in the town of Monroe. Though the 52-year-old didn’t manage to slither inside, he did get the woman to call 911. When the officers arrived, Terry was still outside and told them that he’d gotten permission to enter from the oversized snake. He also admitted that he’d been smoking crack for a good part of the evening.

Terry, who has a long criminal record, was charged with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, a felony, and disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor. (Smoking Gun)

Wednesday AC-DCember 1, 2021

All this month, listen for 2 fers from AC/DC with deep, live and LP cuts you havent heard from in a while!

Charles wins in Game ON! Thanks to the Red Mile!
Daniel and his team in Advance Auto in Nichvegas!. They get their Jobsite ROCKED! Thanks to Clark’s Pump N’ Shop…

Game On!

Q: Happy birthday to Bette Midler. In the 1979 film The Rose, she played a character loosely based on what singer?

A: Janis Joplin


John Mellencamp is among the artists who have donated items to the ASCAP Foundation’s virtual silent holiday auction, which benefits music education programs. It started at

Carlos Santana has canceled his show at the House of Blues tonight as he had a “non-Covid related situation that has been corrected. He’s recovering and doing fantastic.”

Motley Crue have sold their entire recorded catalog to BMG for close to $150 million.


AC/DC: “Back in Black”

The Hook:

Album: Back in Black

Year: 1980

Writers: Angus Young, Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson

Stats: Peaked at number-37 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background: AC/DC guitarist Angus Young recalls that they really had to stick to their guns when it came to using “Back in Black” as a title for a song — and an album — that saluted their late singer Bon Scott.



Cats play Southern University December 7th at Rupp
UK Ladies will take on West Virginia University at Memorial Coliseum tonight at 7 p.m.
EKU Men’s Basketball head to Western on Saturday..

COWBOYS AND SAINTS ON Thursday Night Football..


Mark Stoops, has agreed to a contract extension with amended terms, according to UK Director of Athletics Mitch Barnhart…

The contract will run through June 2028 and continues guaranteed extensions for any season with seven wins (one-year extension) or 10 wins (two-year extension).

Kentucky’s 2021 bowl opponent will be announced Sunday.

Oklahoma State-Baylor


A Cleveland senior citizen got an early start on a white Christmas by going on a cocaine and booze binge, then passing out behind the wheel of her Nissan.

Cops were called to investigate reports that the granny, whose name was not released, was zoned out in the parking lot of a gas station. When officers pulled up, their lights and sirens roused the woman, who then drove off and made the mistake of trying to hit an interstate entrance ramp without signaling. The officer who pulled her over said he smelled alcohol, but she denied drinking, saying she’d just dropped off her grandchild with the kid’s parents.

Since the gal was slurring her words, the deputy asked her to take a sobriety test, which she failed, and searched her car, which contained a half-empty bottle of vodka and traces of a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. (Plain Dealer)

Two-Fer Tuesday 11/30/21

Troy wins in Game ON! Thanks to the Red Mile!
Daniel and his team in Advance Auto in Nichvegas!. They get their Jobsite ROCKED! Thanks to Clark’s Pump N’ Shop…

Game On!

Q: This week in 1983, what band had the number-one album with Metal Health?

A: Quiet Riot


ZEPPELIN, FLOYD, KINKS: Who Will Reunite Next?

Rolling Stone has compiled a list of 18 bands and placed odds on the chances of them reuniting.

Here they in order from the most to least likely:

One Direction – 85%
Oasis – 80%
The Kinks – 70%
The White Stripes – 60%
‘NSync – 40%
Fleetwood Mac w/Lindsey Buckingham – 35%
Daft Punk – 33%
Genesis w/Peter Gabriel – 30%
R.E.M. – 30%
Sonic Youth – 25%
Black Sabbath – 25%
Sex Pistols – 20%
The Police – 15%
Simon and Garfunkel – 15%
Talking Heads – 10%
Led Zeppelin – 10%
Pink Floyd – 5%
The Smiths – 10%

Among the bands they left off the list are:

Santana (original line-up)
Journey w/Steve Perry
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Styx w/Dennis DeYoung
KISS w/Ace Frehley & Peter Criss
Chicago w/Peter Cetera
Traffic – Steve Winwood & Dave Mason
The Faces
Jeff Beck Group w/Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood
Justin Hayward & John Lodge as The Moody Blues or Blue Jays
Dire Straits
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Deep Purple w/Ritchie Blackmore

The Beatles’ 2000 compilation 1 has just notched its 500th week on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the 11th album to spend that much time on the chart. Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is number-one on the list with 958 weeks.

Robert Plant says he knows how to resolve The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones debate after Paul McCartney recently said the Stones are a “blues cover band” — McCartney should “just play bass with the Stones.”

Toto will hit the road in February and March before hooking up with Journey for shows in April and May. They have shows lined up from February 25th in Las Vegas through March 19th in Kansas City, Missouri.




Cats improve to 6-1 with 85-57 win over Central Michigan
UK Ladies will take on West Virginia University at Memorial Coliseum tomorrow at 7 p.m.

EKU Men’s Basketball head to Western on Saturday..



A week after saying he was staying put, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly will become LSU’s coach today …


HOLIDAYS: Inflation Has Even Hit “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

The cost of just about everything is going up these days, including all the stuff in “The 12 Days of Christmas.” For the past 38 years, PNC has calculated exactly how much it would cost to acquire 12 drummers drumming, five golden rings, a partridge in a pear tree and all the rest. And the total cost in 2021 is $41,205.58. That’s an increase of 5.7% over 2019.

The most expensive item on the list: seven swans a-swimming at $13,125 — but that’s the same as it was two years ago. The cheapest: eight maids a-milking at $58, since the federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up. The biggest increase is for six geese a-laying, up 57% to $660. And if you’re in the market for jewelry, five gold rings will run you $895, up 8.5%.


Monday 11/29/21

Kim wins in Game ON! Thanks to the Red Mile!
Daniel and his team in Advance Auto. They get thir Jobsite ROCKED! Thanks to Clark’s Pump N’ Shop…

Game On!

Q: It would be the birthday of the late Ronnie Montrose. Which famous singer got his start in the band Montrose?

A: Sammy Hagar


McCARTNEY, SLASH, U2: Helping New Orleans

The Edge and producer Bob Ezrin have gathered together an impressive collection of instruments that are being auctioned for their charitable foundation.

They founded Music Rising in 2005 to help musicians re-group in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina hit that year. With the pandemic threatening many more musical livelihoods in the region, they will be auctioning off gear belonging to Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Ronnie Wood, Slash, Noel Gallagher, U2’s Bono and Adam Clayton, Rush, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Joe Walsh, Green Day, Dave Grohl, Tom Morello and many others on December 11th.

Commenting on the auction, The Edge says, “The music of New Orleans has influenced various styles of music borrowed from early traditions. It is the birthplace of jazz and represents a musical culture which bears great significance to most every genre today. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose my ability to do what I love – making music. Unfortunately there are many musicians and crew members who continue to struggle since the pandemic.

“If this multi-generational chain is broken, we lose more than just a few concerts we lose an entire culture that stretches back centuries… We hope you have a chance to bid on one or more of the beautiful instruments in the auction. The monies raised goes to musicians and crew. Your support continues to be invaluable to Music Rising.”

Among the items up for bids are:

2005 Limited Edition Gibson Les Paul Music Rising guitar that Edge played during “One” on the Joshua Tree tours of 2017 and 2019 and many other shows during the past 15 years

Bono’s Custom Gibson ES-175 Electric Guitar he played on U2’s Zoo TV tour on “The Fly” and “Angel of Harlem”

Paul McCartney’s Yamaha BB-1200 electric bass played on Wings tours in the late ’70s

Elton John’s signed Yamaha Motif-8 keyboard, which he used on the road

Alex Lifeson’s Signature Hughes & Kettner Rush amp and cabinet half stack used on Rush’s 40th anniversary tour

Fender Stratocaster that Eddie Vedder smashed onstage at Wrigley Field in 2018 during the conclusion of “Baba O’Riley”

Guitars Icons: A Musical Instrument Auction to Benefit Music Rising will take place at Van Eaton Galleries in Los Angeles, but bids will also be accepted online.

For details go to

ROLLING STONES: Will They Start Up Again?

When The Rolling Stones decided to go through with the fall leg of their No Filter tour, they did so to honor the wishes of their late drummer Charlie Watts.

Initially saying they just wanted to get through the 14 shows and then see what the future holds, Keith Richards hints at more to come in an end of the tour video post.

Mick Jagger also posted a video, which has him trying on many of his tour jackets with the caption, “Thanks so much to everyone who came to the shows! We all had a ball, hope you did too!”

And Ronnie Wood says he was filled with “happy sad” feelings prior to the final show last Tuesday in Hollywood, Florida.

One thing we should see soon, hopefully next year, is the album they have been recording for the past few years.

Ray Davies attended a gathering of The Kinks Preservation Society fan group in London on Saturday. Addressing the possibility of an eventual reunion, their administrator writes, “a Kinks show like we used to get is off the table.” The Kinks’ last album was Phobia in 1993, and their last show was have not performed since 1996.

Bret Michaels is selling his 2007 Bentley Continental GT two-door sedan at Barrett-Jackson’s January auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity, and 100-percent of the proceeds from the sale of his 1973 DeTomaso Pantera will go to Barrow Neurological Institute. He says, “I am living proof that Barrows works. I had a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, and they saved my life. And then not long after that, I went back in to have heart surgery and they saved my life there, too.”

A fan who bought Ozzy Osbourne’s stolen gold record for the Blizzard of Ozz album at a yard sale in England for 10 pounds has returned it to the singer. Mark Sandwell says he’s “completely over the moon” with what Ozzy’s team gave him in return — an official gold disc of the album with his name on it, as well as an autographed copy of Ozzy’s most recent album, Ordinary Man. Sandwell hadn’t realized for over a decade that the gold record was the original plaque, and not a replica.

Judas Priest have rescheduled their 50 Heavy Metal Years North American tour, which was cut short after guitarist Richie Faulkner had to undergo open heart surgery. It will now resume on March 7th in West Valley City, Utah and conclude on April 11th in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Queensryche will open.


The Beatles: “Get Back”

The Hook: Ringo just kept doing what he was doing when they were working out the rhythm.

Album: Released as a standalone single, it was remixed before appearing as the closing cut on Let It Be

Year: single: 1969; album: 1970

Writers: John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Stats: Topped the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks.

Background: Ringo Starr tells us there’s nothing particularly fancy about the rhythms he plays on The Beatles’ “Get Back.”

Tie-in: George Harrison passed away from lung cancer 20 years ago today (November 29th).

Get Back Documentary completes it 3 day presentation…


Kentucky Volleyball earns No. 7 national seed in NCAA Tournament
Kentucky will play SEMO on Friday night at 7:30 p.m.


UK Basketball: wins over North Florida, and take on Central Michigan State tonight at 7PM…

EKU Men’s Basketball loses to Radford 75-88, they head to Western on Saturday..


The Governors Cup, UK kicked tha crap out of Louisville 52-21


Fredrick Douglass and LCA go on to the next round..
Woodford County, fell over the weekend


Bengals win! 41-10 over Pittsburgh..



High School Football … During a high school football game in Rhode Island, a player named Joey Acciardo went in motion to distract the defense during a goal-line play. But instead of just running to create the motion, he did backflips on the field. The stunt worked. The other team’s defense was distracted and Acciardo’s team scored a touchdown.


Most people probably don’t need an advanced medical degree to know the difference between dead and not dead, so you would especially expect a medical examiner to know the difference. But that wasn’t the case recently in India.

45-year-old Srikesh Kumar was critically injured in a motorcycle crash and rushed to the hospital where were pronounced dead. He was placed inside a freezer in the morgue and was going to undergo a postmortem exam the next day. But when medical officers arrived, they were stunned to find he was still alive. He was breathing and moving, even after more than seven hours in the freezer.

The hospital’s superintendent said, “The emergency medical officer examined him. He did not find any signs of life and hence declared him dead.” The medical officer was wrong. Kumar’s family says it will sue the hospital for negligence, but hospital officials insist he was dead and miraculously came back to life. (India Times)



Since all this coronavirus stuff started, birth rates have dropped — and a new survey suggests that birth rates will keep going down.

It seems many Americans are just not very interested in having kids.

Of course, there are all sorts of reasons, including medical reasons, financial reasons and “the state of the world” — among many others.

Government officials and business leaders are a bit spooked by this news, because our economy needs more people making stuff and buying stuff to keep chugging along. (CNBC)


The price of your favorite craft beer in a can might be going up next year. One of America’s largest can manufacturers, Ball Corporation, is raising its minimum order levels for breweries of all sizes. The size of the minimum order is reportedly going up from about 200,000 cans to about a million cans.

This is a problem for smaller breweries who want to get in on the action. Those that can’t purchase a million cans at a time will have to go to smaller can makers that charge higher prices. (Food & Wine)


British Army veteran Brian Wood spent time in Iraq back in the early 2000s — and wanted to still support the troops. So, he took on the challenge of running 25 marathons in 25 days — and using that challenge to raise money for charity.

Brian ran a total of 635 miles and raised more than $93,000 along the way, money that will be donated to a charity group that makes a difference in the lives of veterans with mental health and employment programs.

Brian said he was “overwhelmed” by the support and generosity of others — and also pointed out that running 625 miles in 25 days was nothing in comparison to the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. (BBC)


WEDNESDAY A TO Z DAY 3!!!! November 24, 2021

Hope that you have an incredible Thanksgiving weekend! I have a lot to be thankful for…the best listeners, a job in a business I fell in love with in 19– (LOL).. a Wife that had made numerous moves, finally settling here in the Bluegrass, a son that has grown up into a fine young man and more blessings than I can count. Grateful! (MC)

RONNIE JAMES DIO… A DOO WOP SINGER??? Yep, here’s the proof…


AC/DC, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Bob Dylan are among the classic acts to receive Grammy Award nominations.

AC/DC received a nomination for Best Rock Performance for their song “Shot in the Dark.” The song is also up for Best Music Video. The late Chris Cornell is also nominated in the category for his cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” And the Foo Fighters received one for “Making a Fire.”

In the Best Rock Album category, AC/DC got one for Power Up, Paul McCartney for McCartney III, Chris Cornell for No One Sings Like You Anymore Volume 1, and the Foo Fighters for Medicine At Midnight.

In the Best Rock Song category, Paul McCartney is nominated for “Find My Way,” along with Wolfgang Van Halen for “Distance,” and the Foo Fighters for “Waiting On a War.”


Black Friday means another slate of Record Store Day releases. Here are some highlights of the 150 special releases hitting record stores on Friday. (Check out the whole list)

SpecialReleases | RECORD STORE DAY

Aerosmith – 1971: The Road Starts Hear LP and Cassette – This is Aerosmith in their rehearsal room, captured by Joe Perry’s tape recorder.

Bee Gees – Three Kisses of Love LP – This features tracks from the start of their career in Australia.

Big Brother and the Holding Company – Combination of the Two: Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival LP – This was a big breakout concert for Janis Joplin.

Blackberry Smoke – Stoned LP – This album of Rolling Stones covers was recorded, mixed and mastered live to a vinyl master, in one take.

Carole King – In Concert: Live at the BBC 1971 LP – This previously unreleased concert features a guest appearance by James Taylor.

Chris Isaak – Beyond the Sun LP – This is a tribute to Sun records artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Fall in Philadelphia: The Definitive Demos 1968-71 LP – This is a collection of tracks the duo made before signing their record deal.

Dave Davies – Kinked LP – This is a compilation of material The Kinks guitarist recorded in the late ’90s and early ’00s.

David Crosby & Graham Nash – Wind on the Water LP – The duo’s 1975 album gets its first reissue in more than 40 years.

Dire Straits – Encores (Live) LP – The 1993 live collection gets its first appearance on vinyl.

Fleetwood Mac – Alternate Live 2 LP – This features highlights from Fleetwood Mac Live Deluxe Edition.

Foo Fighters – “Making a Fire (Mark Ronson Re-Version)”/”Chasing Birds (Preservation Hall Jazz Band Re-Version) single – This seven-inch single features reworkings of two songs from Medicine at Midnight.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Paris 67 LP – This was recorded for French radio in October 1967.

Judas Priest – Best of Judas Priest 2 LP – This 1978 set gets reissued with a previously unreleased band interview on the fourth side.

Little Feat – Electrif Lycanthrope: Live at Ultra-Sonic Studios, 1974 CD and 2 LP – This show for a radio broadcast has been widely bootlegged over the years.

Local Natives – Music From the Penn Gala in 1983 Cassette – This features covers of songs by 10cc, Roxy Music and Michael McDonald.

Ozzy Osbourne – No More Tears 12″ Picture Disc – This reissue is for the album’s 30th anniversary.

Poison – Flesh & Blood LP – This is an import of French reissue of the 1990 album.

Todd Rundgren – Healing LP and 7″ – Rundgren’s 1981 album gets reissued with a bonus seven-inch with two non-album tracks.

U2 – Gloria 40th Anniversary 12” EP – This 40th anniversary limited-edition EP includes the studio version of “Gloria” plus three live versions from three different decades.

A Long, Long song ago….

Don McLean no longer has the longest number-one hit in U.S. history. Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” just bowed at number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 Monday, and it clocks in at 10 minutes, 13 seconds. That beats “American Pie,” which runs 8 minutes, 37 seconds.


Three years in the making, The Beatles’ new documentary, Get Back, will finally premiere this week.

Originally scheduled to be just a few hours long, it was supposed to first open in theaters in August of last year, until COVID pushed it to this past August.

But that was also scrapped when it was expanded to six hours, which is why it will now stream in three two-hour segments on Disney+ this Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting at 3 a.m. ET.

Director Peter Jackson went through close to 60 hours of unreleased footage leftover from the filming of the Let it Be movie — which was originally supposed to be titled Get Back — to paint an accurate picture of what actually happened in January 1969 as they set out to write, record and perform an album in one month. The film is now in chronological order ending with the complete 40-plus minutes rooftop performance atop their Apple office in London.

RINGO: It Might Come Easy

More details have been made available for Ringo Starr’s “Drumming and Creative Collaboration” course on MasterClass.

He’ll conduct 10 video lessons spanning almost two hours in total length. Each one is broken down by topic, with Ringo talking about selecting the proper drum kit essentials, playing tips and techniques, how to connect with an audience, and conveying emotion and feeling through your playing.

And of course he talks about playing with The Beatles and his All-Starr Band, and even roped in some former and current All-Starr Band members for the final “class” of the curriculum — a jam session.

You’ll see him play with his brother-in-law and former All-Starr Band guitarist Joe Walsh, current All-Starr Band guitarist Steve Lukather, fellow and former All-Starr Band drummers Gregg Bissonette and Jim Keltner, and Jim Cox on keyboards and Nathan East on bass.

Ringo’s course is now available on



UK Basketball:

Friday takes on North FLA 7pm
Monday as Central Michigan Visits 7pm


EKU Men’s Basketball:

Eastern Illinois this afternoon 12:00 p.m. @ Mc Brayer
Friday @ West Virginia 7:00 p.m.
Sunday @ Radford 4:30 p.m.


The Governors Cup, UK at LOUISVILLE-Saturday 7:30 kickoff….

Thanksgiving football schedule..

Bears at Lions 12:30 p.m. ET on FOX
Raiders at Cowboys 4:30 p.m. ET on CBS
Bills at Saints 8:20 p.m. ET on NBC


FINALLY: A bettor turned a $50 wager into a $1.1 million jackpot by hitting a ridiculous 15-leg parlay. This bettor picked eight college teams, three NHL teams, two NFL teams, one NBA team and a golfer. It all worked out and led to a million-dollar payout — just in time for holiday shopping.

ABSURD THING WE HEARD… Drug Money for Legal Fees

A Florida woman already charged with narcotics possession dug herself a deeper hole over the weekend when she tried to raise money for her legal expenses… by selling narcotics.

28-year-old Nicole Gregory was arrested Saturday when a sheriff’s deputy saw her drop a baggie of fentanyl on the ground. She told the officer she was selling it for $10 per “bump” and that she was doing it to make money to pay for an attorney in her ongoing drug possession case. In that case, Gregory was caught selling meth to an undercover cop. She is now facing additional drug charges. (The Smoking Gun)


MONDAY A TO Z KICKOFF!!!!! November 22, 2021


Plant and Krauss on Colbert and CBS Saturday Morning

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss were all over CBS at the start of this weekend. The duo offered up their single “Can’t Let Go” along with “Trouble With My Lover” off Raise the Roof on Colbert Friday night, then performed “Can’t Let Go” plus “Searching for My Love” on CBS Mornings Saturday Sessions hours later.

ROBERT PLANT: Retirement Not Looming

Robert Plant says he’s been asked about retirement for 40 years and his answer is the same now as it was then — he has no plans to stop doing what he does.

Speaking to Britain’s Telegraph, he explained, “People used to say to me, ‘Well, you must have done enough now?’ ‘Enough of [effing] what?’ ‘Enough to retire!’ So imagine the blessing to be 40 years further down the road, and I still don’t know enough to stop in any respect. There’s always something new to learn, somewhere new to take it.”

He says he loves being a musician and considers it a “lifetime’s job.” He also considers working with Alison Krauss again on their second album, Raise the Roof, “like being at night school,” in that he’s “still learning the different flexing of harmonic options.”

He says you can hear him “getting in almost like some sort of vocal jigsaw puzzle.”

Little Feat and The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been added to the Rock Legends Cruise, joining Styx, Deep Purple, Don Felder, Randy Bachman, Don McLean and many others. It sails out of Port Canaveral, Florida on February 14th.

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi was presented last week with a photo of a 469-million-year-old fossil named after him — Drepanoistodus Iommii. The presentation took place at the Black Sabbath bench in his hometown of Birmingham, England. He says, “It was a real shock to learn that a real fossil has been named after me. You can imagine my friends now, and all the abuse I’ve got… [It’s] the most weirdest thing that’s ever been named after me.”


AC/DC Highway to Hell…. “The Road to Perth”

and a 68 year old woman covers it, too!



UK Men and Women win over the weekend!

UK Men take on Albany TONIGHT at Rupp

FOOTBALL: Cats, EKU, WKU, Morehead, and Bengals win!


In High School Football..

2A Lexington Christian (Wins)
4A Fredrick Douglass (Wins)
5A Woodford County (Wins)
6A Dunbar (Loses)

..and finally

Dan Mullen of Florida fired, he gets a 12 million dollar buyout..

The move comes two months after the Gators went toe to toe with defending national champion Alabama and a year after they had a chance to make the College Football Playoff. Mullen’s stunning downfall ends a tumultuous two seasons that included mounting losses, numerous public relation missteps, NCAA sanctions and a debacle against lower-division Samford.


A Washington, DC woman walked outside to her car and was shocked to see that someone had taken a can of spray paint to it with the message, “Mike is a cheater.”

The vandal is likely a scorned lover of Mike, but the problem is, the owner of the car isn’t Mike. In fact, she doesn’t even know a Mike. It appears her car was mistakenly targeted and vandalized by someone who thinks Mike drives a red Mitsubishi SUV. In addition to the spray-painted message, the vandal also broke the windshield and rear window. The owner is now working with police to find whoever did it. (NBC News)

Friday, UK Football Senior Weekend 11/19/21

International Men’s Day!!!


Game ON!

Q: What country was Gene Simmons born?

A: Simmons was born as Chaim Witz on August 25, 1949, at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel



Bruce Springsteen releases this Friday his complete performance with The E Street Band from 1979’s No Nukes concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

It will be available on CD, DVD, Blu-ray and digitally, followed by vinyl at a later date.

The best of his performances from both nights — September 21st and 22nd, 1979 — have been edited together for a full-length Springsteen concert film. This was his only performance between the Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River tours.

The two-CD, one-DVD set features 13 songs performed over two nights, newly remixed and remastered. The DVD has the film of the show, newly edited from original film footage, restored and remixed in HD. This package includes a 24-page book with rare photos and memorabilia, an essay, a vintage ticket envelope, a ticket reproduction, and a sticker.

Track List:

Prove It All Night
The Promised Land
The River
Sherry Darling
Thunder Road
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Born to Run
Detroit Medley
Quarter to Three
Rave On

QUEEN: Bohemian Redsody?

While the Queen bio-pic Bohemian Rhapsody reportedly grossed $911 million, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation claims the movie is in the red “to the tune of $51million.”

This has come to light after Anthony McCarten, the film’s screenwriter, filed a lawsuit against producer Graham King and his production company, GK Films.

The breach of contract suit, filed on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims McCarten made a deal to receive a 5% share of GK Films’ take of Bohemian Rhapsody, rather than Disney or FOX, which acquired the studio. He says he’s not been paid and King has been “unresponsive” to his appeals to settle up.

KISS: Shouting Out Destroyer Again

KISS celebrates the 45th anniversary of their 1976 and fourth studio album, Destroyer, by reissuing it this Friday as a Super Deluxe four-CD + Blu-ray Audio box set, a two-disc black vinyl set, a limited-edition yellow and red double colored vinyl set, a two-CD set, and digitally.

Produced by Bob Ezrin, known at that time for his work with Alice Cooper, it gave us such KISS staples as “Detroit Rock City,” “Shout it Out Loud,” “God of Thunder” and their only Top 10 song, “Beth.”

Martin Scorsese is set to direct a Grateful Dead biopic, with Jonah Hill starring as Jerry Garcia.

This, according to Variety, which also reports that it’s being written by the team who wrote American Crime Story: Impeachment, about the Bill Clinton White House sex scandal.

Scorsese and Hill previously worked together on The Wolf of Wall Street, and the two are producing the as-yet-untitled Dead film. Among its seven executive producers are four who are well known to Deadheads — Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann — though there’s no word yet who will portray any of them, or anyone else connected to the band.




UK Men take on Ohio TONIGHT at Rupp
UK Women will play Winthrop on Sunday at Memorial Coliseum
EKU plays University at Albany in McBrayer On Saturday


TNF: Patriots over the falcons 25-0… 3 quarterbacks, 4 interceptions, 0 points


Louisville wins over Duke 62-22 YESTERDAY

Bengals take on the Raiders, coverage starts at 2:30 on Sunday..

In College Football this weekend…

New Mexico State @ UK Kroger Field…SENIOR DAY!
Florida Atlantic @ Western
Jacksonville State @ Eastern

In High School Football..

2A Lexington Christian
4A Fredrick Douglass
5A Woodford County
6A Dunbar

Games tonight with kickoffs at 7:30…

Cam is back!

Quarterback Cam Newton is one of the most famous players to ever play for the Carolina Panthers football team. He spent nine seasons with the Panthers — and then spent one season, last year, playing for a different team.

But this year, he’s back with the Panthers. And, he’s so excited about being back that he is giving away 50 tickets for the upcoming game on Sunday against Washington to fans who have never been to a game before.

Cam says he wants to grow the Panthers’ fan base by getting new people in the stands — and he also wants to make the stadium feel more like home again, with as many loud supporters in the stands as possible. (NFL)


Baseball … Yesterday (Thursday), Shohei Ohtani was named the American League’s Most Valuable Player. This was good news for one bettor — and bad news for the Caesar’s Palace sportsbook. Back in March, Caesar’s Palace was offering 30-to-1 odds on Ohtani winning the award. Someone put down $30,000 — and now has a ticket worth $900,000. This payout is believed to be the biggest ever for an off-season award.

ABSURD THING WE HEARD… Bizarre Love Triangle

An Arizona woman who helped deliver her best friend’s baby is now living a real-life Jerry Springer episode.

28-year-old Hailey Custer was with her best friend every step of the way through her pregnancy right up to the baby’s birth in the hospital. Three days later she noticed a strange birth defect on the baby’s neck which matches the one her husband and son have. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that her own husband was the father of her best friend’s child.

After confronting both of them, her suspicion was confirmed. Not only that, she also learned that her husband had cheated on her with about 30 other women. But while she kicked her husband to the curb, she actually took in her friend and her baby. Custer, who has four kids of her own, wanted her kids to be with their half-sibling. She says, “I kept thinking of my kids, at the end of the day that is their blood sibling and I’m not going to be the one who causes harm to that child.” Custer shared her story in a TikTok video which went viral. (Daily Mail)


Weekend Happenings!

Friday 11/19

DeadAir Dennis, Bryan Himes and Robby Cosenza at CCI
The Hummingbirds Live at Copper and Oak
“High on Something” Release Party-Taylor Hughes and Zach Stone at Doubletree Suites
Zack Attack is Back! Live from the Tipsy Cow Stage!
The Fever at O’Neill’s
Pleasureville at The Barrel Room
Dylan Jasper at Cocktails TOO
Magnolia Vale at Cellar Bar & Grille
Blake Jones at AZUR
Ricardo Rivera & Billy Compton at Shamrock Bar & Grille
Zack Attack @ Tipsy Cow!
Rob Dread and the KMA @ Old North Bar Presents

Saturday 11/20

DeadAir Dennis & Bryan Himes @ Old North Bar
Hi-5 returns to ROCK O’Neills
Rock of Ages Live @ BBH!!!
Graveyard Romeos return to Kentucky Grill and Horseshoes Saloon!
Taylor Hughes at The Elkhorn Tavern
Cotton Johnson The Barrel Room
Abby Hamilton Live @ The Raven House


There’s an “alcoholic river” flowing in Hawaii.

The state’s Health Department was called to a creek in Waipio on the island of Oahu because residents there were complaining that the area smelled like “a beer pub that hadn’t opened its doors for three or four days.”

Sure enough. The water was 1.2% alcohol.

Authorities think the water got a jolt of booze thanks to a storm drain near a beverage warehouse. Of course, they’re trying to fix the problem and get the alcohol out of the river.

But in the meantime, anyone wanting to go swimming in the river can still catch a bit of a buzz along the way. (Hawaii News Now)


Over the weekend, the men’s Serbian national soccer team enjoyed a big victory over Portugal. Because of that victory, the team qualified for the 2022 World Cup — and was rewarded with $1.1 million in prize money.

The team was thrilled to get the victory and honored to be offered the prize money, but instead of accepting that money, they decided to donate it all to help treat sick children in their home country.

One of the stars of the team — Aleksandar Mitrovic — explained that they earned their victory with hard work and a belief in themselves.

But, they were also working hard and achieving all they could for their country “and the people first and foremost.”

The team definitely showed that they cared about the people when they decided to donate their winnings to those in their country who were most in need. (The Bridge)


Theme Park Thursday 11/18/21


This worth noting, Former Miss Kentucky, Maria Montgomery co-stars with Alex Miller, on what will be a country classic!!! LOVE IT!!!!


Game ON!

What company released the first Walkman in 1979?
a) Yamaha
>b) Sony
c) Kenwood


DAVID BOWIE: Iman Opens Up About the Thin White Duke

Iman has opened up about David Bowie, who she refuses to call her “late” husband.

In an appearance on the Today show and an interview with People magazine, she insisted that she will not remarry and that Bowie will remain her husband for life.

The supermodel and activist brought Today’s Hoda Kotb to tears as she explained how she wanted her new fragrance, Love Memoir, to “have a bit of him.”

She called the cologne a “tribute to love — eternal love, eternal devotion” and said she thinks, “At the end of the day, at the end of our days, the only thing we have if we are lucky is our memories.” She believes that those are “the thing that we will have and will sustain us after the person passes away.”

She gets more specific in her People cover story this week when she notes that she “found by creating this fragrance, remembering David and being in the house, it just somehow eased my grief and I came through it.” (

AEROSMITH: Movin’ Out an Unreleased Song From 50 Years Ago

Aerosmith have posted on YouTube “Movin’ Out,” an unreleased song from 1971.

It’s included on Aerosmith – 1971: The Road Starts Hear, a limited-edition seven-track vinyl and cassette release set for Record Store Day, November 26th.

The tape was recently discovered in the band’s vault and includes early versions of “Dream On,” “Walkin’ the Dog” and “Mama Kin.”

The songs were captured on Joe Perry’s Wollensak reel-to-reel tape machine either in the band’s Boston rehearsal room in front of a few select friends, or at a rehearsal during a soundcheck for an early show.

Perry and Steven Tyler produced this release, which features previously unseen archived photos, images of the original tape box, and more.

Aerosmith – 1971: The Road Starts Hear track list:


Intro – Somebody
Reefer Head Woman
Walkin’ the Dog


Movin’ Out
Major Barbara
Dream On
Mama Kin

JUDAS PRIEST: Hell Bent for Feeling Better

Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner says he’s doing great following open heart surgery in September for an attack that happened while the band was performing at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

Recovering at home in Nashville, he says, “I’m feeling very strong and positive. My incisions have healed very well and I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m walking well and moving freely, I’m pretty active and I’m starting cardiac therapy very soon. I’m playing guitar every day and with the love and support of my family, the continued support from you guys and the inspiration that I get from the guitar, I’ll be back on stage in no time! My surgeons are very pleased with my progress and have all reserved front row tickets for the next Priest show — ha ha.

“It’s Thanksgiving this month, and whether you celebrate it or not, I have a lot to give thanks for this year; Including all of you for your patience, your love and your support. Lots of love and I’ll see you down the front soon, horns held high.”

The 41-year old Faulkner joined Priest in 2011, replacing disgruntled original member K.K. Downing.

No word on when Priest will reschedule their 50th anniversary tour, which was postponed because of Faulkner’s surgery.



UK Men take on Ohio (19th) Tomorrow at Rupp
UK Women will play Winthrop on Sunday at Memorial Coliseum
EKU plays University at Albany At McBrayer On Saturday


TNF: features Patriots and Falcons…

Bengals take on the Raiders, coverage starts at 2:30 on Sunday..

In College Football this weekend…

New Mexico State @ UK Kroger Field…
Florida Atlantic @ Western
Jacksonville State @ Eastern
Louisville will be at Duke on Thursday

In High School Football..

2A Lexington Christian
4A Fredrick Douglass
5A Woodford County
6A Dunbar

Games Friday night with kickoffs at 7:30…

Pro Football … The new United States Football League — the USFL — plans to launch, again, in the spring of 2022. There will be eight teams and each team will be scheduled for 10 games, to be played on both Saturday and Sunday. We’ll see if spring football finally takes off with this new effort.

Basketball … How’s this for a sign of the times … Starting on Christmas Day, Staples Center in Los Angeles — home of the Lakers and the Clippers — will be renamed “ Arena.” is paying $700 million for the naming rights for the next 20 years. This is believed to be the richest naming rights deal in sports history.


A German man who was nearly killed in a car accident in 2015, is now living with the condition that plagued Drew Barrymore’s character in the movie 50 First Dates — he can’t remember anything from the previous day.

Daniel Schmidt suffered traumatic brain injuries in the wreck and it’s a miracle he survived. But his short term memory now only last about 6 hours and he wakes up every day not remembering anything from the day before, including things he did and people he knows. Schmidt has a young child and can’t remember the day he was born. His condition also added stress to his relationship with his girlfriend, leading to a breakup.

It’s unknown whether his condition will improve, but it is unlikely. So for now, he manages to jot important things down each day so he can try to remember them the next day. (OddityCentral)



Over the weekend, the men’s Serbian national soccer team enjoyed a big victory over Portugal. Because of that victory, the team qualified for the 2022 World Cup — and was rewarded with $1.1 million in prize money.

The team was thrilled to get the victory and honored to be offered the prize money, but instead of accepting that money, they decided to donate it all to help treat sick children in their home country.

One of the stars of the team — Aleksandar Mitrovic — explained that they earned their victory with hard work and a belief in themselves.

But, they were also working hard and achieving all they could for their country “and the people first and foremost.”

The team definitely showed that they cared about the people when they decided to donate their winnings to those in their country who were most in need. (The Bridge)


You might have heard that there have been some challenges this year getting supplies and food to the places all this stuff needs to be.

Well, throughout the year, a moving company in St. Johns County, Florida, called Two Men and a Truck, has stepped up and used their fleet of trucks to make sure food has been delivered to charity groups. These charity groups have then put meals together and gotten them into the hands of those who needed it most.

We’re talking about a lot of food. So far this year, Two Men and a Truck has delivered nearly 19,000 pounds of food — which volunteers turned into just under 18,000 meals.

With Thanksgiving here, the company is taking things to a whole new level, inviting other moving companies to join the effort. They created a program called Movers for Meals, which now involves moving trucks all over the community doing all they can to serve people facing food insecurity. (WJXT-TV)


About a week ago, a woman from Floyd County, Kentucky, enjoyed two huge life-changing moments in one day.

The woman — who wishes to remain anonymous — retired after 36 years working as a nurse.

And on her retirement day, she bought a winning scratch-off lottery ticket … worth $200,000.

The lottery windfall was a great way to start her retirement — and it also made her feel better about her decision. As she explained, “It was unbelievable. I had just retired that day. I saw this as a sign it was meant to be for me to quit working.” (USA Today)


The next time you let one rip in a confined space, go ahead and bask in the butt trumpet you just blasted — because it’s actually good for you.

According to a professor of nutrition and dietetics at the University of New Castle in Australia, smelling your own rump roar has health benefits, including slowing the effects of aging, lowering blood pressure and protecting the brain. (Times of India)

Warren Wednesday, November 17th!

Photo Credit Jay Sansone Used w/permission)

Thanks to Warren Haynes for being on the show this morning. In case you missed it, here’s the full length interview!!!


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