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Classic Rock Weekends With Max Corona

HOMETOWN:  Flushing, Queens,  New York.

HOBBIES/SPORTS:  Reading, Playing Guitar, Cooking, Yard Work, Baseball, Swimming.

BANDS/ARTISTS I’VE MET: Grand Funk Railroad (Mark, Don & Mel), Neal Schon, Whitesnake, Peter Frampton, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Slash and too many to mention here!

FAVORITE FOODS: My folks used to say, “At Least Try It Once”.  I’m open to try just about anything, But Italian and Fish are my favorite!

COCKTAIL:  Scotch used to be my “go to” cocktail.  These days: a dry, red wine, occasionally (Doctors Orders!).

VACATION SPOT:  Bucket List Includes:  The Bahamas, Italy, Jamaica.

BOOKS:  The Bible,  “Didn’t See It Coming” By Carey Nieuwhof “Truefaced” by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNichol and John Lynch.

MOVIES:  Braveheart, 300, The Die Hard & Lethal Weapon Series.  Stand And Deliver, Courageous.

TV:  Not a big TV watcher,  but have been enjoying Harrow from Australia, Lost In Space (NetFlix) and the Murdoch Mysteries

FAMILY: Married With Son!

BRUSH WITH GREATNESS THAT DIDN’T GO WELL: Let’s just say, back in the day”, when I was younger, I put my foot in my mouth near a new artist named Paula Abdul.  Not proud of that moment!!