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MistiDawn @ Nite!

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Born and raised in Kentucky – daughter of a Rock & Roll singing Preacher Daddy and a Pentecostal Mama, so naturally I would become a radio disc jockey and play all the music I was not allowed to listen to growing up! HA!  I refuse to grow up so my kids let me stay ’29’ as long as I don’t embarrass them…too bad!  I am a single mom of 3 amazing kids – ages 10-18!  I have worked in radio since I was 18, a freshman at Georgetown College and fell in love with it!

My favorite bands are Rush, Poison, Journey and really anything from the “hair bands” of the 80’s! 

My favorite things to do… well next to hanging with my kids and going to all of their fun school activities and sports games – I love driving on back country roads in my red Jeep Wrangler – I’ve named her “Big Red”, with the radio cranked up! I love going to listen to all kinds of live music! Especially when it’s outside and by the water…any kind of water will do – but the beach is my favorite place to be!  I love diet soda’s, cold beer, and sweet tea! I think gravy was meant to go on all types of food and the word ‘diet’ is made for people that don’t have an understanding of how good pizza really is! I am a country girl at heart that loves wearing t-shirts or a football jersey, cut-off jean shorts, and flip flops!  But I can have a great time in a sexy dress and high heels too!  I’m basically ‘the full package’!  Ha!!  

My motto in life is to “Live life with no regrets” and that’s what I plan to do. I am 100% me all the time so I promise – what you see is what you get!