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    The Stones Zone

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#CR921StonesZone 10/16/19

In the wake of Elton John’s new autobiography “Me”, who talks about his “guest spot” with the Stones while he was high, Ronnie Wood talks about his addictions in his new documentary “Somebody Up There Likes Me”.. 

Havana Moon

Welcome to the “Stones Zone” and welcome our new sponsor The Botany Bay! Tonight is the first of a 2 parter.  The Rolling Stones, “Havana Moon” was released late last year after the epic cinematic motion picture

53 Years Ago This Month….

THE STONES ZONE–53 years ago: On 2 May 1963 the Rolling Stones new manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, booked a recording session for the band to record their first single. The only issue was they had no idea

A Tale Of 2 Satisfactions

London Records (USA) was the label that distributed the Rolling Stones in the US. They were an “Audiophile” label. London arose from the split in ownership between the British branch of Decca Records and that same company’s

Longevity Of Life – Keith Richards

While there have been many jokes about Keith Richards “Longevity Of Life”,  there is certainly a price to be paid.  Here’s a piece of a Rockumentary that points to many problems that we are fighting today… Tonight

50th Anniversary tour wraps up

We’ll,  the 5oth anniversary tour wraps up, and what do you do for an encore??  You show your personal stuff to the world! Starting In April of 2016, Rolling Stones are coming to a London art gallery.

Journey into the “Stones Zone”

Tonight, as Classic Rock 92 One embarks on our journey into the “Stones Zone” (Wednesdays at 6PM),  we didn’t want to just make this feature “just a block of Stones”,  we wanted to do something,  well,  different.  

THE STONES ZONE–Another Rarity

What happens when you take an iconic band like The Rolling Stones and sprinkle it with a little Eric Clapton?  You get the following result.  This was uncovered last year from the “Sticky Fingers” sessions.  Enjoy this