Covid-19 Information Center

With The World Health Organization officially declaring COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) a pandemic, the need for accurate and updated information is incredibly important.

As health organizations locally and across the globe, work to contain and mitigate COVID-19, our station has created this information hub that we’ll be updating with news on the virus and how it’s impacting our local area. A service of LM Communications.


Monday’s COVID-19 Numbers: New, Total, % Positivity Rate

Notes from Monday’s 11.09 Ky. COVID-19 Daily Summary Total New Cases today: 1,745 Total Cases: 122,567 including 20,194 Probable cases. Positivity Rate: 7.49% (7-day Rollover Average)* Total Tests: 2,248,085 Kentuckians Ever Hospitalized with COVID-19: 8,274 (6.80%) Kentuckians now in