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Meet MistiDawn!

Hometown – Lexington mostly… spent some very formative years growing up in Berea, where I learned how to kiss boys, ride a skateboard, play the drums, and rock-out in secret….my daddy was a preacher so I had to behave! 

Hobbies/Sports – I love doing anything with my kids!  I have 3 so they keep me on the go constantly!  We love to go out jeepin’ and find the back country roads!  I have the ‘OG Jeep’ of the Classic Rock Crew – mine is a ’99 Red Jeep Wrangler that I call Big Red! I love going to the movies – even by myself. I have always loved music!  I wont ever pretend to be a musical genius like the guys I work with!  I am really just a music fan so I will just promise to play the music you love too!  Ok… so a lot of people ask me if I like sports – ummm… that’s a big Hell Yeah!  I grew up playing them, watching them with my daddy, and then went on to date a lot…a lot of athletes over the years!  I even worked as a sports team manager when I was in college to help make money!  So my favorite teams are the Bengals, Cincinnati Reds, ALL UK SPORTS (football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, hockey, softball….) and of course the local baseball team – The Lexington Counter Clocks!  I love wearing jerseys – so you will usually find me in a football, hockey, or baseball jersey!

Favorite Food/Drinks – Pizza. I love pizza!  If I ever hit the lottery, I am going to try and eat fancier food like Crab Legs all the time! HA!  My favorite drinks: Diet Coke, Ale-8, Sweet Tea, coffee with flavored creamer , and def LEMONADE! My favorite ‘dranks’ are beer – good ole beer – NOT bougie or dark beer – yuck. I also like girly drinks that come frozen with a big piece of fruit at the top!

Favorite Artist – RUSH, ALL 80’s HAIR BANDS!, Journey, GNR, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, KISS – and if you ‘know me’… well you know I LOVE Classic Country too!!

Fav Vacation spot – ANYWHERE in the Caribbean, on a beach, with the sun overhead, and a frozen drink in my hand!  BUT – my favorite way to vacation is on a cruise ship…cruisin’ the Caribbean!

Movies – My Fav is Gone With the Wind, all 80’s rom-coms, and as of the last few years, I LOVE all movies with Chris Hemsworth… he’s yummy! Thor is soooo freakin’ HOT!

TV – I don’t watch much… but if I have time – I am a sucker for shows like SURVIVOR!  I really wanna go on that show but I’m afraid they’ll make me eat a bug!

Tattoos – I have 2… One on my forearm that says ‘say I won’t…’ – the title is from a song by “Mercy Me” – the song kinda helped me through a painful time in my life and I got this tattoo to remind myself that I dare anyone to ever tell me what I can/cannot do… And my other tattoo – well it’s not visible for a reason! HA!

Family – I have 3 kids – 1 is in college, 1 is a senior, and 1 that just started middleschool. I love my babies! My parents live in the area so I am blessed to get to spend a lot of time with them! As for my love life… well – all you need to know is that I have one!  And its finally super yummy!